• I try this and that and see what works.


    im still counting on one last wave of puberty to come really late and make me hot

    greendale seven appreciation

    day 7: free choice - secondary character appreciation

    What if I had taken that job at Merrill Lynch?


David Byrne & St. Vincent at Karen O’s show


    David Byrne & St. Vincent at Karen O’s show


    Annie + Braids




    Annie at Us Weekly’s Most Fashionable New Yorkers 2014

    "I do a show that’s very physical, and I worked with a choreographer to help me figure out how to fall safely," the singer, in a [Maison Martin] Margiela blazer, Alexander McQueen pants, and YSL shoes, told Us. "So I have to be able to wear clothes on stage that I can bleed in, rip, sweat in, et cetera, et cetera."


    I love this woman so fucking much. As if you couldn’t figure that out already.


    don’t stare at the moon too long or else you’ll remember that nothing in this stupid fucking world makes sense